The Faithful Couple by A. D. Miller

The Faithful Couple by A. D. Miller

The Faithful Couple by A. D. Miller

The Faithful Couple is A.D. Miller’s second novel after the Man Booker Prize shortlisted, Snowdrops.

Neil and Adam meet each other in their early twenties, both from the UK and travelling alone they hit it off despite their obvious differences. Neil instantly sees Adam as the ‘alpha male’, effortlessly handsome, from a family with money, a man with the world at feet, unlike Neil who had to work hard for his opportunities.

A couple of day into their travels they join a tour group on a camping trip in Yosemite. On that trip, they meet a girl who neither of them will ever forget and Adam tells a lie that haunts him for a lifetime.

The Faithful Couple is a beautifully written novel that tenderly tells the tale of two men that become best friends but never manage to put aside the class rivalries that divide them. Their friendship is threatened by their own actions as they attempt to one-up each other with women, money and power. Following the men from 1993 to 2011 they turn from young adults into family men with everything to lose. A tender look at male friendship The Faithful Couple is an insightful novel that is as thoughtful as it is entertaining.

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  1. Linda Boa
    February 11, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    Loved Snowdrops – hope this one's as good! Really like your blog btw – great layout and content! I'll be back!

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