Solid State Tank Girl #1 by Alan Martin and Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Solid State Tank Girl 1

Solid State Tank Girl #1 by Alan Martin and Warwick Johnson Cadwell

 Tank Girl is a comic book enigma, a constantly changing and never predictable mass of ball busting beauty and brutality. The new Titan imprint, Titan Comics is bringing her latest incarnation to your local comic book store in the form of Solid State Tank Girl #1.

Unlike a number of other Tank Girl comics Solid State #1 consists of one main story with a couple of briefer themes at the end. The longest is titled ‘Circumventing Booga’s Left Bollock’ and takes inspiration from 80’s cult movie Innerspace and after Booga is electrocuted in a radio shop Tank Girl and a couple of her friends are shrunk down to enter his body and save his life. Will Booga’s body release a few secrets, will Tank Girl manage to save his life and will they make it out in time?

As always, Tank Girls’ latest adventure is batshit crazy and super fun. The fate of some crazy ladies and a marsupial’s testicle may seem like an unusual plot theme to get engrossed in but as this is only part one in the tale, it really does leave you on tenterhooks to find out more. 

With brilliantly quirky stories and visually stunning drawings, Tank Girl fans will love Solid State and anyone new to her wonderful world will definitely be coming back for more after this. Bring on Solid State Tank Girl #2!

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