Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss

Olly Moss is one of the UK’s leading young artists and although you may not know his name, it’s certain you’ll recognise some of his work. He’s worked for the likes of Apple, Sony, Lucasfilm and Time Magazine on movie posters, video game artwork and then separately on his sold-out solo show ‘Paper Cuts.’

Silhouettes from Popular Culture collects the beautiful Victorian style portraits from his Paper Cuts show in a beautiful cloth bound, gilt stamped book.

“I always thought that making pop-culture infused silhouettes would be a devious way of sneaking girlfriend safe nerd art onto the walls of my own home…”   –  Olly Moss

The book is made up of over a hundred silhouettes from movies, games, comics and tv and it made even more enticing by a foreword behind director of Moon (one of the best films ever made!) and Source Code, Duncan Jones.

Silhouettes from Popular Culture, Olly Moss, 26 October 2012, Titan Books £12.99 and a (c) to Olly Moss

“Individually they were witty and ingenious, collectively it was like entering some kind of tremendously geeky guessing game. Who was who? Could you spot all the jokes?   –  Duncan Jones

The first thing that will no doubt strike anyone about this book, is just how beautiful it is, absolutely luscious. The royal blue cloth binding, beautiful gold typography and the instantly recognisable silhouette of The Bride of Frankenstein. The first few characters in the book were obvious to me but the further you get in, the more you appreciate how much effort must have gone into these images that appeal so simple. For example, it was one tiny spot of red that gave away the identity to one of them, which I would probably never have gotten otherwise. The time and thought that must have gone into these unfurls the more you see of them. Some of these have made me laugh out loud and others have had been nail-bitingly frustrating, so recognisable but just out of reach. This really is perfect geek gift, absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

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