In Her Blood (Catherine Berlin) by Annie Hauxwell: Review

In Her Blood (Catherine Berlin) by Annie Hauxwell

In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell


Today on The Tattooed Book I’m reviewing In Her Blood, the debut novel from author Annie Hauxwell which is the first book in her Catherine Berlin series.




Catherine Berlin is employed as an investigator for the Financial Services Agency, which cracks down on numerous types of criminals. One of their main targets were sharks. When the body of one of her informants is found floating in a canal with half her throat missing, Berlin has some questions to answer. Why was she meeting the informer secretly and why was she following up on a case that was supposed to be closed?


Berlin is also a long-term high-functioning heroin addict; registered and supplied by one of the last few doctors who prescribe pure heroin in the UK. After visiting the scene where her informant’s body was found, she heads to her doctor’s appointment. There she finds her doctor’s body and her response is unforgivable, leading her into a world of trouble.


In Her Blood (Catherine Berlin) by Annie Hauxwell review


Annie Hauxwell has created an excellent female lead in Catherine Berlin. Being so close to the police force but not being a member puts her in a great position to get involved in cases but not have to play by their rule book. Her addiction also adds an intriguing twist to this novel as she is only left with a certain amount of drugs to keep her functioning, adding to the ‘ticking clock’ tension. It also introduces a brilliant struggle of good vs evil in her, which provides her character with an unpredictable streak.


This is a brilliantly fast-paced novel, full of twists and turns and will have you utterly engrossed. I would highly recommend this to any crime lover and look forward to more in the Catherine Berlin series.


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