Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit-Girl by Mark Miller, John Romita Jr, Tom Palmer and Dean White

Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit Girl

Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit-Girl by Mark Miller, John Romita Jr, Tom Palmer and Dean White

For those of you who may be unaware of the lethal lovely that is Hit-Girl a) where have you been for the last few years and b) buy a graphic novel called Kick-Ass…now. Yes, it was a massive smash hit of the movie but the graphic novel is far more enjoyable.

Kick-Ass introduced us to Hit-Girl, the young superhero who’s been trained by her father to be the ultimate killing machine. There’s been no Disney movies in Hit-Girl’s upbringing but plenty of target practice, knife skills and escapology lectures. Kick-Ass 2 has already been released and is also on it’s way to the big screen but Hit-Girl is the prelude to this second instalment.

We meet Hit-Girl, otherwise known as Mindy, as she adjusts to life without her father, back at home with her nervous wreck of a mother and police officer stepfather. Playing the perfect daughter doesn’t last long and before you know it Hit-Girl and her superhero companion Kick-Ass are back on the streets fighting crime, this time with their eyes set on drug cartel that’s threatening her newly rediscovered family. She has no qualms about bringing down her enemies but for the first time ever she has to hide her identity from the people closest to her. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s got to learn to fit in with ‘normal’ twelve-year-old girl and fake a passion for fashion, vampire movies and Justin Bieber.

For anyone that’s worried this graphic novel will turn Hit-Girl into an angst-filled girl, painting her nails while she decapitates a man, do not fear, she stays the same whirlwind of cynical violence that we’ve come to love. She continues to train Kick-Ass in the skills her Father taught her but she still holds a brutality that’s distinctly hers alone. The theme blasts along at light speed thanks to Mark Millar’s fabulous writing and the novel looks absolutely stunning thanks to John Romita Jr and Dean White. Hit-Girl is quirky, super violent, beautiful and great fun to read, I loved it!

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