Hang Wire by Adam Christopher

Hang Wire by Adam Christopher

Hang Wire by Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher is back with his latest novel Hang Wire, published by the lovely people at Angry Robot.

When Ted celebrates his Birthday with a meal at his local Chinese restaurant surrounded by his friends and colleagues, the last thing he expects is to be knocked back by an explosion as he cracks open his fortune cookie.

The next thing he remembers is a paramedic giving him the all clear but he doesn’t feel quite right. Still woozy, his colleague (and a little bit more besides) Alison takes him home. But as the days pass he still feels horrendous, constantly exhausted and occasionally blacking out with no idea how he gets to the places he awakes in. Things go from bad to worse as he comes to one morning in his flat, hands covered in blood and with a faint memory of an alley and cables. It can’t be a memory though, he must be getting confused with the news reports he’s seen. The news was alive with reports of The Hang Wire killer, a serial killer on the loose in San Francisco, hanging his victims with wire. So they can’t be real memories, right?

Not too far away the circus is in town but instead of it running smoothly like normal, things aren’t going quite to plan. The acts are turning on each other and although its takings are through the roof with their new high wire and dance troop acts there’s a feeling of unease that just can’t be shaken.

What starts as an intriguing crime novel twists and turns into an absorbing mix of horror and fantasy. As ancient gods are threatened and awoken, only a few can save the world from two evils combining and taking over. With characters possessed and taken over by other characters, it’s lucky that this novel is utterly absorbing as it’s not one you can read halfheartedly. It commands your full attention with constant twists and an action-packed plot. The character of Bob stands out as a favourite, the Hawaiian god of the ocean who’s turned his back on the powers he posses for a quite life dancing on the beach. You warm to this quirky character with the potential for mass destruction instantly as you follow him through different time frames.

Lightning fast, overflowing with imagination and great fun to read, Hang Wire will definitely capture Adam Christopher some new fans.

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