Father’s Day 2018: The Ultimate Book Gift Guide

Bookish Buys for Fathers Day

The Best Book Related Gifts for Father’s Day 2018


Father’s Day 2018 is just around the corner (Sunday 17th June for anyone who doesn’t know) but there’s still time to pick up a last minute gift for the main man in your life will love. I’ve decided to round up some of the best book-related Father’s Day 2018 gifts so you don’t have to hunt around yourselves.  No paid promotions included just stuff I love.



The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs Steve Brusatte


I don’t think I know a single person who isn’t interested in dinosaurs and Steve Brusatte, a leading scientist and dinosaur hunter, unearths their story in The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs. With insights on what it’s like to be a palaeontologist (try not to think about Ross from Friends), thrilling accounts of personal discoveries and state of the art technology, this book will bring you closer to dinosaurs than ever before.



Buy your copy of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs here.




hitchhikers guide to the galaxy pin badge

If you’re looking for a subtle little gift then this is perfect. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is an incredible book that’s loved across the generations, pop this pin badge on a bag, collar or even boots and show your love for one of the greatest sci-fi comedies ever.



Buy your Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy pin badge here.





Cabin Porn Book


This luscious book from Zach Klein and Steven Leckart showcases some of the most drool-worthy cabins from across the world. What originally started as an online project by a group of friends wanting to design their own home lead to a mass of submissions from like-minded people. A great chill out, although you’ll be dying of envy by the end of it.



Buy your copy of Cabin Porn here.




Book Bucket List Poster


If the dad in your life is a book addict but you don’t know where to start, here’s a great way to get around it. This poster features 100 of the best books of all time, scratch one off and his next book will be decided for him. It’s a great way to indulge in the classics that you’ve always wanted to read.



Buy your book bucket list poster here.





Outsider Stephen King


Outside is the brand new novel by Stephen King…do I really need to say any more?


Detective Ralph Anderson knows the local Little League coach is guilty of an eleven-year-old boys murder but he has a rock-solid alibi and a man can’t be in two places at once, can he?



Buy your copy of Outsider here.




zombie bookends

It’s easy to imagine a great collection of graphic novels (especially The Walking Dead!) or horror books propped up with the zombie bookends. If the dad in your life is the type that would take up the nearest baseball bat when the outbreak comes, then this the gift for him.



Buy your zombie bookends here.





The Pocket Guide to Beer


Well, I couldn’t do a Father’s Day blog without mentioning beer somewhere, could I? There’s plenty of beer books out there at the moment but this one stood out to me because of the beer map included. This tube map of London links beers by flavours and styles, perfect for serious drinkers and beer newbies alike.



Buy your copy of The Pocket Guide to Beer here.






Some of my favourite memories of my dad from childhood consist of him making up stories (Super Ted and the Magic Croissant was a favourite), the dice are shaken up and thrown to inspire themes for storytelling. A great gift for dads that the whole family can enjoy.


Buy your ghost story dice her.





Adventures of a Young Naturalist David Attenborough


David Attenborough is a national treasure and this biography, from the man himself, details his career from young television presenter in 1954 to household name. Adventure, the natural world and an incredible life story, this biography has it all.



Buy your copy of Adventures of a Young Naturalist by David Attenborough here. 




There you have it, my top bookish gifts for Father’s Day 2018. If none of these seems quite right then check out my reviews of Fragile Lives by Professor Stephen Westaby or Wolf Road by Beth Lewis, which would also make great gifts.
















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