Dinopopolous by Nick Edwards: Review

Dinopopolous by Nick Edwards

Dinopopolous by Nick Edwards


Nick Edwards is a London based illustrator with a love of science fiction, dinosaurs, robots and cats. His first comic book sees him teaming up with the guys from Blank Slate Books to bring us Dinopopolous.




Nigel is a 13-year-old schoolboy from Chipton and is in love with his classmate Martha. Sounds normal enough you may think; apart from his mystery-solving partner in crime. This is his best friend, Brian the dinosaur.



When Nigel receives an email from Lancaster Perrifold, desperately requesting his help to find The Miracle Bird of Ndundoo, how could he refuse? But what makes The Miracle Bird on Ndundoo so special? Well, it excretes jewels, that’s what! The only clue he has to go on is a Ndundoo artefact, encased in sand and covered in weird symbols. This doesn’t hold him back and Nigel and Brian are off on their adventure. However, their nemesis Justin and the Evil League of Lizards is hot on their heels.




Dinopopolous by Nick Edwards review


This brilliant comic book is like a Nickelodeon cartoon crossed with a Day of the Tentacle, Lucas Arts style computer games. Back in 2009, Nick Edwards won The Cartoon Museum’s Under 30’s Young Cartoonist of the Year and Dinopopolous is a great testament as to why. Some of the pages have so many little details in them, you could see something new every time you look. With dinosaurs wielding laser cannons, treasure pooping birds and the overall psychedelic, fun-packed style, there’s nothing I didn’t like about this comic.


Nick Edwards is an indie comic gem to keep an eye on and I really hope there’s more coming from him soon.


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