Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace: Review

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace


Today I’m reviewing Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace – his debut fiction novel after finding massive success with his previous non-fiction works such as Awkward Situations for Men and Yes Man.


Jason Priestly is an unlikely romantic/stalker, and for those who remember the Beverly Hills 90210 heartthrob of the same name, no…there are not any 1990’s sex symbols included. This Jason Priestly is a guy down on his luck. Living in a flat above a computer game shop with his best friend Dev, recently dumped by his girlfriend and working for a newspaper that could go under any day, things aren’t really going to plan. But one day, on Charlotte Street in London, he helps a beautiful woman into a taxi as she struggled with her bags. As the car pulls away, he realises he still has something of her. A disposable camera. Could this camera hold the identity of the beautiful woman? Could she really be as perfect as she looks? Could they end up living happily on a farm and making cheese together? Or is developing a stranger’s pictures illegal? All he knows is that stalking definitely is. His friend Dev brushes over Jason’s worried and insists the photos are developed. They show what appears to be a random collection of images with no clues as to who the woman is, but Jason is on a mission, he has something to aim for at last.


How easy is it to find a stranger in London? Who is the man in the photographs? Even if Jason found her, would she find his efforts romantic or cause to dial 999?



Charlotte Street is a real heart-warmer of a novel. Please don’t think slushy though, this never delves into that area, it just leaves you feeling brilliantly uplifted, with a smile on your face. Due to being a bit of a geek, I loved the references to old-school computer games such as GoldenEye on the N64 and the relationship between Jason and Dev, their loving sarcasm and ‘bro love’ is captured perfectly. Danny Wallace’s ease with writing also comes across in this novel, it flows effortlessly and draws you in until you NEED to know how it all ends. If you are looking for a laid-back, quirky and fun novel with heart, this is perfect!


If you enjoyed Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace, you’ll love A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart.


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