Bookish Buys: November 2018

Bookish Buys Nov18


Bookish Buys November 2018


Ok, I don’t know who pushed fast-forward on October but it seemed to disappear in a blink of an eye. Now November is here and Christmas is well and truly in the shops whether you like it or not. If you’re getting some of your Christmas shopping done early then hopefully November’s edition of Bookish Buys will help you out a little.


First up is a piece of comic book merch that had me squeal in delight…


Judge Death Bottle Opener


2000AD and Planet Replicas smash it out of the park again with this epic Judge Death bottle opener. If this isn’t simply the best stocking stuffer ever, I don’t know what is.


Buy your Judge Death bottle opener now.


fuck off i'm reading socks


What’s the worst thing about a great book? People interrupting you while you’re trying to read it! Crack out these wonderfully offensive socks and you never know, you might just get left in peace.


Buy you fuck off I’m reading socks now.


Will work for books pouch

Well, this pouch pretty much sums up the last 10 years of my life accurately. It’s sold as a ‘pencil pouch’ but any time I buy something like this it always ends up with makeup in it. This is a perfect little gift for the book lover in your life that you don’t know too well. If you don’t know their genre, likes and dislikes then this will cover them no matter what they’re in to.


Buy your pouch from The Literary Gift Company now.


Good Book hip flask


Need to hide a little stash in your library? Smuggle a tipple into a family-friendly event? This fake ‘good book’ can help you there. Fill up the flask, tuck it away and no one will be the wiser. Oh yeah, please drink responsibly and all that jazz.


Buy your Goog Book hip flask now.


banned books scarf

All the best classic books seem to have been banned at some point by some misguided fool or other. This great scarf features the cream of the crop from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Buy your Banned Books scarf now.


The Haunting of Hill House t-shirt


For those of you who weren’t aware, yes, The Haunting of Hill House Netflix series is based on a book by the haunting Queen herself, Shirley Jackson. After bingeing on the series recently I’m going to try and squeeze in the book very soon! For those with a love for either or both, this t-shirt is one for you.


Buy The Haunting of Hill House t-shirt.


There you have it for another month, my Bookish Buys November 2018. My next one will be December so expect a full festive post. If you missed last month’s post check out Bookish Buys for October 2018 now.



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