Bookish Buys: June 2018

Bookish Buys June 2018

Bookish Buys: June 2018


It’s that time again, a new month has rolled around and it’s that very brief period of time when bank accounts look deceptively healthy. No time like the present then, here are my favourite Bookish Buys that I’ve stumbled across in the last month.


Graham & Brown Book Shelf Bookcase Library Wallpaper


Whether you have your own library with rolling ladder (yes, just like in Beauty and the Beast) or your bathroom is the closest you’ll get to a reading room, this wallpaper will make a perfect addition. Make it a feature wall, put it around a fireplace or even add it to the steps on your staircase for something really eye-catching.

Graham & Brown Bookcase Wallpaper

Read Banned Books tote bag



It seems like many of the best books ever written have been banned at some point in history. From The Autobiography of Malcolm X to the Harry Potter series, if it’s worth reading, someone has a problem with it. In my opinion, if you’ve written a book that’s popular enough that people want it banned, you’re not doing too badly (although I’m not sure if this counts for Fifty Shade of Grey). Shout your love of all the banned books with this great tote from Waterstones.



Waterstones Banned Books Tote Bag




Marvel A5 Deadpool Premium Notebook

¬†Everyone loves a bit of Marvel’s Deadpool and this premium notepad is just smart enough for you to get away with it at work. With the elastic page marker and pen holder, it’s practical as well as awesome.

Marvel A5 Deadpool Premium Notebook

The War of the Worlds poster


I adore early sci-fi and fantasy book covers, the older and weirder the better. This classic The War of the Worlds cover is well worth framing and putting on your wall. This poster, printed on matt silk paper, from Not on the Highstreet makes that possible.



The War of the World poster


Handmaid's Tale ring


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood is an incredible novel and season 2 of the NBC TV series it inspired and just begun. If you’ve read the book or watched the first series this Latin slogan will be familiar to you. If not, it means ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down.’ The lead character, Offred, finds this slogan engraved into the closet in her room by a previous handmaiden. This engraved wrap around ring is not only a wink to your Atwood love but a good slogan for those bad days at work!

Handmaid’s Tale Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum Ring

2000AD hoodie

2000AD has been a British comic institution since 1977. Best known for Judge Dredd, they’ve been a home of some of the best comic artists and writers in the business. Their merchandise has always been spot on but when I noticed that this great hoodie came in ladies sizes as well as mens, I was sold. Thanks 200AD!



2000AD 1980s logo hoodie



There you go, my top bookish related items to leave you living off pasta for another month. But it’ll be worth it! Have you spotted some great bookish items, then let me know in the comments below.


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