Blog Tour: The Hunter of the Dark by Donato Carrisi

Best-selling Italian author of The Whisperer, Donato Carrisi is back with a brand new thriller, The Hunter of the Dark.

Brutal murders in the heart of Rome have shaken Vatican City to the core. The first victims are a couple, caught in the throws of passion in the woods but the two young lovers are just the start for the killer and only scratch the surface of the evils in the city.

Hot on the tail of the killer is forensic analyst, Sandra Vega, who makes a discover at the crime scene that turns the case on it’s head. Suddenly no one can be trusted and when she returns to the scene of the crime, she only uncovers more secrets.

Sandra’s not alone in her hunt through as a man called Marcus, a member of a secret religious team that hunts down evil in Vatican City, is also hunting the very same killer. Soon it becomes clear that they can only trust each other and the evil in the city runs deep.

Donato Carrisi brings to life the streets of Rome with his locations and descriptions of the streets and buildings. Sprinkled with historical facts, his setting only adds to the overall impact of the evil within the Catholic capital of the world. Sandra’s character also struggles with the underlined sexism felt within the city, that police work isn’t women’s work, to the point that she even doubts herself but her skills and passion keep her coming back for more.

One thing that The Hunter in the Dark teaches you very quickly is that Donato Carrisi is the King of ending a chapter on a cliffhanger. Forget finishing a chapter and going to bed because this book simply won’t let you. You’ll be teased by a discovery or a twist that will leave you desperate to read just a little bit more.

The Hunter in the Dark is an atmospheric tale of twists, turns and the fight between good and evil.

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