Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird Box Josh Malerman

Bird Box by Josh Malerman


Bird Box is the debut published novel from American author Josh Malerman. Production of the movie adaptation, featuring Sandra Bullock, is currently underway and is set to hit screens this December.



Bird Box by Josh Malerman Summary


Malorie stands in the house that was once her refuge, there’s a thick fog outside and this could create their first real chance to escape. She remembers the day she drove to the house, fleeing the ‘thing’ that had forced her sister to take her own life in their shared flat. This house now holds similar memories and grizzly dark marks still stain the floor and walls, making sure she never forgets. But today she must grab her chance, she rushes to the children, Boy and Girl, waking them from their slumber and tells them to follow her every order.  In the harsh world, they were born into they are used to taking commands, used to waking with their eyes closed, staying silent and listening. Malorie packs what little essentials they have, makes sure the children’s blindfolds are secured and then covers her own eyes before they leave the house. They must make the journey by touch, smell and hearing alone, vision is too risky, if they see the ‘creatures’ that walk the streets then they will be the last things they ever see.



Bird Box by Josh Malerman Review


Bird Box is one of the most gripping books you will ever read, you won’t want to put it down for food, water or sleep. There’s no slowly lulling you into the world of the ‘creatures’, you’re hooked from the first page. Taking away the sense of sight in this intense storyline is an incredible way to rack up the tension and claustrophobia to nail-biting levels.


Malorie is also a brilliantly crafted character, forced into being a tough, fiercely independent lady but for half of the novel she’s pregnant, adding a vulnerability to her that makes her more realistic and endearing. I did hear a warning that this book wasn’t one for pregnant ladies and I can see why, the birth scene is pretty horrific, which is great for horror lovers, but maybe not so much for ladies about to go through it themselves (although hopefully with fewer monsters).


For anyone that loves their fiction dark, tense and disturbing then this is your must-read book of the year.


2018 update: I first read and reviewed this book back in 2014 and my love this book has only got stronger after multiple readings. Bird Box by Josh Malerman is simply one of my favourite books of all time.


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