Adventure Time Volume 2

Adventure Time Volume 2

Adventure Time Volume 2

Adventure Time is back to wow and amaze it’s army of fans with the release of graphic novel Volume 2, containing two brand new stories from Finn and Jake.

The first tale follows them as they attempt to walk as far as they can in a straight line to win BMO’s cupcake. On their journey, they meet a strangely familiar boy called Tim…Adventure Tim!

The second (and main) story sees Princess Bubblegum invent a time machine, but one that can only go back as far as when the machine was created. Before you know it Jake and Finn are propelled 15 years into the future, where they must save the city from being torn to pieces by evil robot versions of themselves. As BMO says “Man, programming things so they don’t turn out evil is HARD.”

Why is Adventure Time Volume 2 magnificent? Well, let me count the ways!

 For starters, the characters of Finn and Jake transport perfectly from screen to print, never losing any of their speedy action, wit and pace. The stories are just as weird and wonderful as you’ve come to expect and the fluid art style, especially the Cover Gallery as the rear of the graphic novel, are a feast for the eyes. This is the kind of graphic novel you can pick up at the end of a truly horrendous spell at work and it will simply turn your day around, a joy from beginning to end.

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