Siren by Annemarie Neary

Siren by Annemarie Neary

Siren by Annemarie Neary

Roisin Burns agreed to one night out in Belfast, with what she thought would be a new friend, and her life changed forever. Caught up in terrorist activities but with a family name that keeps her safe, she's shipped off to New York as slave labour.

Twenty years later, Roisin calls herself Sheen and she returns to Ireland in search of justice. The face behind the crimes she fled from is now in the public eye, pretending he's an upstanding citizen and turning to politics. With an envelope of evidence and a need for truth Roisin hunts down the man known as Lonergan but in such a small community she's news before she steps foot off of the boat. All eyes are on her and not all of them friendly.

From innocently becoming entangled in a terrorist murder to facing down the man behind it all, you cheer Roisin every step of the way. The small community of Lamb island is cast in a creepy light immediately and there are three brilliantly unnerving male characters that are all a threat to Roisin in very different ways. Her isolation on the island makes her vulnerable as she waits for Lonergan she starts to feel the village watching, waiting for something. I stormed through this in a day and was gripped.

Siren is a great creepy, psychological thriller with some fascinating characters and an outstanding debut.

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