Worst.Person.Ever by Douglas Coupland

Worst.Person.Ever by Douglas Coupland

Worst.Person.Ever by Douglas Coupland

Cult author Douglas Coupland explodes back onto the literary scene with his latest offering Worst.Person.Ever.

We meet Raymond Gunt as he hits a low, out of work and asking for an assignment from his ex-wife at her casting agency. Luckily for him, she has found him some work as a cameraman on a remote island filming a Survivor-style reality television show. Sold on the idea of endless amounts of women in bikinis and even the chance to have an assistant/slave Raymond agrees. After leaving the office he mulls over who could possibly be his new slave and the only person he can think of is a homeless man he had a fight with in the street. Soon the couple is struggling to move obese bodies, offending everyone they possibly can, ruining the show and even get caught up in the start of a nuclear war.

Raymond Gunt is rude, ignorant, offensive, bitter and twisted. Yet strangely enough, there is something likeable about Douglas Coupland’s latest lead. He shouts out loud the thoughts we feel guilty just thinking and there’s something about that brutal honesty that warms you to him. The story bounds along with an engrossing speed, barely leaving a page between Raymond falling into some new predicament of other. Coupland’s famous social commentating is rife yet never preachy; adding an extra layer to the book you can either take or leave. Worst. Person. Ever. is a brilliantly funny yet occasionally thought provoking read that won’t just appeal to his current fans but is sure to make him some new ones.

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