Death Sentence by Montynero and Mike Dowling

Death Sentence by Montynero and Mike Dowling

Death Sentence by Montynero and Mike Dowling

"The best idea I've seen in years. Genuinely original." - Mark Millar, Kick-Ass

With a glowing quote from Mark Millar emblazoning the cover and an excellent trailer Death Sentence #1 already has a lot to live up to.

G-Plus is a blood and sexually transmitted disease with very unusual side effects. Although it leads to death within six months, during this time frame the infected host will show extra-normal abilities. With no cure, the infected can sit and wait for death or decide to do something meaningful with their time left.

The first in this series introduces us to some of the characters, Miss Flett, an artwork designer, Weasel a male rockstar well past his peak and a comedian lothario called Monty. Each finds themselves infected with the G-Plus virus and as we follow their shock and coping mechanisms, their new talents start to shine through.

The opening scene of this comic shows Miss Flett in a clinic being told she is positive for G-plus, which is a brilliantly powerful opener. As a reader, you instantly warm to her, therefore she becomes the stand out character of this excellent introduction. The other two, male characters come across as egotistical and with fame (and most likely fortune) already theirs, it is Miss Flett that we see struggle with her diagnosis.and this adds a depth to a smart, fun and action-packed first issue. If this first issue is a sign of things to come Death Sentence is going to be the latest must-read comic to hit the shelves.


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