Adam Robots by Adam Roberts

Adam Robots by Adam Roberts

Adam Robots by Adam Roberts

Adam Robots by Adam Roberts is a collection of 24 short stories from every sub-genre of science fiction. Ranging from an Adam and Eve style robot story to time travel and genetics, this compendium is bursting with both classic and modern themes.

My favourite of all the stories was the seventeen page long, 'Shall I Tell You the Problem With Time Travel?' It follows the tale of Professor Bradley, a scientist who is slowly developing time travel. He coincides his explosive experiments with locations and periods of time when nuclear bombs are being tested, meaning his testing would never be discovered before it's time. Only the nuclear warheads aren't everything they're cracked up to be

As with all collections, some of the stories stand out stronger than others and the ones that didn't appeal to me will no doubt be the favourites of someone else. I was personally drawn to the longer (over approx. eight pages) adventures. Even within this short time frame Adam Roberts conjures up some fascinating ideas and evocative subjects.

I would recommend this collection to any hardcore science fiction fans who are looking to be pushed by their reading material. These stories can be beautifully philosophical and unusual in structure and style and are therefore perfect for someone looking for something a little more demanding than some science fiction collections.

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