Broken by A. E. Rought

Broken by A. E. Rought

Broken by A. E. Rought

Emma Gentry is a girl in pieces, spending her days drifting through school and her spare time inhabiting the local cemetery. She craves the comfort of sitting by a graveside but when Daniel died, his parents had him cremated. As a couple, Emma and David spent plenty of time curled up together in the cemetery together, drinking and relaxing in each others company. She puts on a brave face for her parents and tries to carry on with normal life but nothing has been the same since Daniel died. But one day, when she sees the new guy at school for the very first time, she can't deny there's some sort of electricity. She tries to ignore him, they're emotions she doesn't want but she literally can't help but find him fascinating. Not only is she overwhelmed by the strength of her emotions but also the way he seems to return them, it's like she's already known him for years.

As she slowly starts to get closer to Alex, Emma is unnerved by the things he had in common with Daniel, the same eye colour and the way he could open her notoriously stubborn locker without a problem. Then a run-in with his father leaves her in agony and rumours fly about the 'accident' that meant Alex had to change school. She tries to separate herself from Alex but when she realises that he is just as confused as her about their feelings they stick together only to be devastated by the twisted, evil truth behind their connection.

This gothic romance novel has a brilliantly dark female lead. Yes, 'emo' might be the word but it sums her up well, a damaged young girl that instead of being depressing is actually hugely likeable. The novel reads approximately 70% romance and 30% horror so prepare for a lot of yearning gazes but when this book turns, it really does go brilliantly dark. The description of squeezing a broken hand will have you shuffling uncomfortably in your seat and the Frankenstein style ending will have you gripped. One to add to the 'must read' list for any teen into gothic romance.

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