13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough

When Natasha is pulled from the freezing cold river her body is limp and lifeless but after thirteen minutes a miracle occurs and she starts to breathe again. Once she’s safely in the hospital the questions begin, was she attacked? Was she there alone? And why was she out in the early hours anyway?

Suffering from amnesia, Natasha can’t answer any of those questions and it appears that those thirteen minutes truly changed her for the better. She drifts away from her two plastic fantastic friends, known as ‘The Barbies’ and rediscovers her old childhood friend, Becca.

Becca puts behind her all the times that The Barbies have bullied and humiliated her and secretly adores that fact the fact that Natasha, the most popular girl in school, has chosen to be friends with her again. She loves the fact that she knows Natasha better than anyone else, remembers things about her that most would have forgotten…

Sarah Pinborough’s back with a vengeance with this teen based psychological thriller. As with her previous work (The Death House, The Language of Dying), she constructs clear, understandable characters that the reader feels they know inside out within just a few pages. She captures the nature of changing teen relationships with an accuracy I’m sure many girls will relate to all too well!

Made up of diary entries, reports and other text 13 Minutes is a fast-paced page-turner that doesn’t let you rest for a moment. Twisting, turning and packed with characters you’ll love to hate, 13 Minutes needs to be added to your reading pile right away.

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