The Cat is Back!

Go back about twelve years and you would have found a version of me that was a lot less tattooed, wore a lot more eyeliner and spent far too much time in skate parks. A lot has changed since then, people would start worrying about their kids if I hung around in skate parks that much anymore, even if I do still like watching BMX. But one thing that hasn't changed is my love for Roman Dirge's work.

The original publishing of The Cat With a Really Big Head by Roman Dirge was the first full comic book I ever read and when I turned the final page I was hooked (not counting strips in The Face magazine). From him I went to Jhonen Vasquez, to Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, from there I've never stopped reading reading and loving graphic novels.

To hear Titan Comics will be re-issuing The Cat With a Really Big Head and Monsters in my Tummy in one gorgeous hardback book is not only awesome news for a whole new generation of readers but for Roman Dirge's legions of fans who can't get enough of him. I'm extra psyched as I even get to work with it in my new role at Titan Books, so DM me on Twitter if this twisted gorgeousness appeals to you, like it does to me.

Check out Roman Dirge's other work here.

The Tattooed Book

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