The Bleed 03


In late 2012 I had a beautiful piece of work drop through my letterbox that went on to become one of my favourite reads of the year, this was The Bleed 02. The Bleed brings together writers, photographers, designers and illustrators to create a truly unique reading experience.

An anonymous actor, a man hired to watch him, a narrator and the man that watches over them all, Daniel.

The first chapter of The Bleed 03 throws us headfirst into the telephone conversation where the actor agrees to be Daniel, to play him as a role and attend a meeting with unnamed investors for a business opportunity that could change both their lives for ever. As the actor's real life fades into the background, the role of a lifetime takes over. Soon the lines are blurred and he can't be sure anything is what it seems. He goes to the narrator, desperate for someone to tell his tale but even this author is unsure if he is being told the whole truth.

This magazine is once again a thing of beauty to flick through and the first few pages of story are just as mesmerising. The Bleed 03 is full of twists, turns, misdirections, secrets and lies. By the end of it you won't know what's real for the characters or what's fantasy but this ambiguity is used in such a powerful way it keeps you completely hooked. I stormed through it in one morning and as soon as I finished I just wanted to start again to see what I might have missed the first time around. Just as enjoyable as The Bleed 02, The Bleed 03 has proved to be an incredible piece of work and I look forward to reading more from it's contributors in the future.

Read The Bleed online here.

For more information of The Bleed check out their website

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