Judge Dredd: Year One Omnibus by Matthew Smith, Michael Carroll and Al Ewing

We all know and love the stickler for the law that is Judge Dredd but most of us will be used to him in his graphic novel or movie format. The Year One Omnibus collects three novellas together to give us an insight into Judge Dredd's early years walking the beat of Mega City One.

The first story, City Fathers finds Dredd investigating the brutal murder of an informant whose telescope is left aimed at a well known drug dealers home. As whispers of a new drug spread across the streets, so does a wave of violent and unexpected suicides.

The force turns it's back on Dredd in Cold Light of Day when a criminal he could have executed but chose not to returns to wreak vengeance and tidy up some loose ends. Did Judge Dredd really make a mistake in his judgement, allowing a criminal to kill?

When Stader finds himself desperate for some quick money in Wear Iron he ends up breaking his own rules and going in on a job out of pure desperation. He's invited to assist in stealing the proceeds from a twisted eating competition at the failing Kool Her Infernodrome. He partners up with a old friend he doesn't trust any more, a man they just had released from a mental institution and a Judge...Judge Rico Dredd.

 With Dredd being such a vibrant character in the world of graphic novels I couldn't help but wonder how he'd come across in these novellas but after just a couple of pages it was clear to see Dredd's style is just as strong here. Dredd has always been a force to be reckoned with and these early stories give you a great insight into what and who made him what he is. Mega City One also plays a huge part in these stories which is bound to please any fan as it lives and breathes as strong as any of the living characters. Another reason to love these stories is the women, you can forget sexism here because the women just just as tough as the men (if not more so in some cases). Overall Judge Dredd: Year One Omnibus by Matthew Smith, Michael Carroll and Al Ewing was a fast, fun and action packed trilogy of stories that are sure to be loved by any Dredd fan.

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