The Last of Us: American Dreams by Faith Erin Hicks, Neil Druckermann and Brendan Wright

The Last of Us Playstation 3 computer game has been one of the most critically acclaimed and gamer loved releases ever. It's won countless awards and had one of the biggest video game launches of 2013 and has sold well over 3.4 million copies. As a prequel to storyline within the game Dark Horse Comics have released The Last of Us: American Dreams by Faith Erin Hicks, Neil Druckermann and Brendan Wright.

We meet Ellie as she's drafted into her latest military boarding school. She's lived within the confines of the concrete walls and fences that keep the infected at bay for her entire life and knows of little else. Nineteen years early when the fungus caused the zombie-like infection she wasn't even born. She soon makes a friend in Riley, a fifteen year old girl on a mission to escape the school before she turns sixteen and is forced to gain the military. She plans an escape and Ellie tags along. Desperate to join the only insurgent group that aren't under military control, The Fireflies, Riley leads Ellie outside the city confines for the first time in her life. Joining the group isn't as simple as Riley hoped and after the violence that ensues Ellie learns more about herself than she ever expected.

This absorbing graphic novel is an absolute joy to read. It's draw beautifully in a style that flows perfectly even without any words and conveys the action and violence of situations superbly (without resorting to being too gory). The girls are both likable and understandable characters and personally I thought it was refreshing to read a graphic novel with two young female leads who kicked ass, managed to keep all their clothes on and didn't fall in love with anyone. If you loved the computer game them you love this prequel, if you've never seen, heard of or played the game it doesn't really matter, this is still an awesome read.

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