Snapper by Brian Kimberling

 Nathan Lochmueller has spent his whole life in a little town in Indiana and constantly plays with the idea of leaving. The problem is he's in love with a girl called Lola, a free spirited, non-committal girl that no matter how hard he tries, he just can't pin down. One week she would be his, then next she'd flitter away. In between his attempts to woo her and hanging out with friends he's known since school he works as a birdwatcher. His days are spent in the woods observing, researching and documenting. As time passes, his car becomes more and more of a wreck, Lola still refuses to settle yet his love of nature remains but is it enough to make him stay?

Snapper by Brian Kimberling does not read like a regular piece of fiction and feels far more biographical which is unsurprising when you discover that a lot of the novel is based on the writers own experiences. And rather than one fluid story ark it is more a collection of smaller tales woven together with what is an obvious adoration for the Indiana countryside. From the woods and the birds to the snapping turtles, Kimberling's sentimental descriptions made his fondness contagious and you'll be longing for a retreat before you know it. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with a love of nature or someone who usually enjoys non-fiction titles but is looking for something different.

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