The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

The Silent Wife

Todd Gilbert and Jodi Brett have lived together, as if man and wife for many years. The routines they've created keep their roles defined, with Jodi the homemaker, cook and part time psychiatrist with Todd working long hours in building renovation. She's always known that he strays every now and then but decided a long time ago that as long at it did not interfere with their day to day lives and that he always came home to her then it was ok. But when Todd starts up a relationship with a friends daughter Natasha, a girl almost half his age, things change. He feels a whole new passion for life and the depression that's clouded his days lifts. His obsession with her grows and when she announces that she's pregnant Todd is truly happy. Jodi did not want children but Todd wanted to leave a life behind to represent himself when he passed away. When Todd crosses the line and Jodi learns about Natasha they both know things have changed forever but only when lifestyles have to change does the fight for control really begin.

I started The Silent Wife expecting a good thriller but was pleasantly surprised to find that it evolved with greater depth that I had guessed. The details around the character's childhood years and general upbringing slowly evolve to explain their downfalls and outlooks on adult life. With neither Todd or Jodi having an easy family life it becomes understandable that their views on marriage, relationships and even general ethics might become rather tainted. The crime itself (which I will not spoiler) becomes less of passion but of panic and desperation to remain in control.This is not a crime novel of action but a story of the mental bubbles we create to protect ourselves and the lengths someone will go to to protect them. Unnerving yet understandable this really is an intoxicating psychological read.

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