Archipelago by Monique Roffey


Gavin Weald's life is turned upside down when a flood wave tears through his home and kills his baby son. His wife falls to pieces, returning to her parents home and hiding from the pain the only way she knows how, in sleep. So Gavin is left with his his young daughter, Océan and dog, Suzy. He tries his best to struggle by but as his daughter draws into herself and wakes, screaming after nightmares and he's falling asleep, standing up at work, he knows things need to chance. He hastily decides on a sailing trip, the only escapism he feels he can truly provide. At first he's not too sure where he's going, just that he needs to get away but soon an old sailing dream of his returns and he plans their trip to the archipelagos. Sailing a massive ocean isn't easy and their ups and downs are both mental and physical but soon nature forces them to face their greatest fears.

This beautiful story of a father attempting to avoid a repetitive, destructive life and rekindle the spirit in his daughter is utterly breathtaking. One part will have you openly in tears and fifteen pages later Roffey will play with your emotions again to have you feeling enlightened and uplifted. This is the kind of book that touches you so deeply you just have to sit in silence for a while and take it all in, then once you've recovered you'll want to shout about it from the rooftops. Touching yet unsentimental Roffey doesn't drag at the heartstrings, bleeding emotion from you, her unique style of writing stays to the point but can leave you utterly moved in just a couple of sentences. The descriptions of the flood are intensly powerful and absorbing, to the point where you can completely lose track of time or even your location. Archipelago was an all consuming joy from beginning to end, one I felt bereft finishing and look forward to reading again.

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