Scare Me by Richard Parker

Scare Me

After the loss of their baby, Will and Carla's lives are slowly getting back to normal with the help of the news that their first daughter Libby is pregnant. Libby and her boyfriend Luke have decided to travel to Thailand to cement their relationship and discuss their future, Will and Carla are left to discuss their growing family. Then one evening Will is woken by a phone call to his private mobile, the voice simple asks 'When did you last Google yourself, Mr Frost?' When the caller hangs up, Will tries to put the call to the back of his mind as a stupid prank but he eventually finds himself doing just as the unidentified called intended and Googling his own name. There he finds a website containing numerous images taken from inside his own home and not being the type of couple to allow press into their home, he is more than distressed. Then he sees a note telling him to check his e:mails, so he does. There he finds an image of his daughter, bound, beaten and gagged with her boyfriend. Someone has his daughter and that someone will drag him half way across the world and through the most horrendous challenges before she will be freed.

This is the first novel I have read from the new crime fiction imprint, Exhibit A and I am happy to say that I was more than impressed. Richard Parker dives into the action within the first couple of chapters and the tension really deson't falter. The story is viewed from a few different perspectives which keeps it fresh and past paced. There is an especially unusual scene where Will finds himself face to face with the person behind his torment and competely unable to do a thing about it, which makes a refreshing change from the all too commonly used final reveal. Full of tantaslising twists and turns, this novel keeps you guessing until the very last few pages and then teases you with the potential for more. An utterly fabulous crime novel that will keep you pinned to your seat.

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