Freaks! by Nik Perring, Caroline Smailes and Darren Craske

Caroline Smailes 04:08

In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell

Annie Hauxwell 12:37

The Colour of Milk by Nell Leyshon

alternate history book 04:41

Skagboys by irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh 10:49

Galore by Michael Crummey

book 13:00

The Company of the Dead by David Kowalski

alternate history 13:18

The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen

book 08:02

The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall

book 14:29

Getting Off by Lawrence Block (review and Q&A)

book 13:27

Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest (Review and Q&A)

book 12:09

The Detour by Gerbrand Bakker

book 12:05