May We Be Forgiven by A. M. Homes

A.M. Holmes is already well know for her controversial literary novels, such as This Book Will Save Your Life and The End of Alice. Her latest creation, May We Be Forgiven is set to only increase that notoriety.

Harry has always torn between loving and hating his younger brother George. As a child George was a bully and as an adult, he went on to become 'the achiever' of the two, with a high powered job, a beautiful wife, Jane and two children. Harry on the other hand has an unloving wife, has been struggling to finish writing a book for years and lectures part time. Then one evening Jane kisses Harry, the first in a series of events that changes all their lives forever.

This truly explosive novel hits you like a punch in the face. So much happens in the first fifty pages it's hard to believe but so grabbing you need to know where it goes. The narrative includes infidelity, murder, death, divorce, adoption, a car crash, insanity, dementia, a homosexual underage teacher / student relationship, casual sex and an arms dealer. All these events are portrayed in an understated fashion due to George's outlook on the world and tinged with a fabulously dark and sarcastic humour. Although you may not expect it, after all that action, this story turns out to become a quiet tender, heart warming tale of finding love, happiness and acceptance in the places we may least expect it.

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