Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice Cream Float Before Hr Stole My Ma by Kerry Hudson

Tony Hogan bought me an Ice Cream Float before he Stole me Ma is the debut novel from Scottish born Kerry Hudson.

Janie Ryan is born into tough times. Her mother is barely an adult herself, still suffers the scars of her own mothers neglectful ways and after a heated family argument, they find themselves homeless. This starts a reoccuring theme in sad tale of Janie Ryan's life. Her mother drags from one home to another from Scotland to London, either following a man or running away from an abusive one. By the time Janie is fourteen years old she's lived in various houses, B&B's and halfway houses. She's seen drug use, death, abuse, drinks, takes drugs and has lost her virginity. The one place she finds solace is within the local libraries walls and her only escape is within the pages of the books it contains.

 Tony Hogan bought me an Ice Cream Float before he Stole me Ma is a coming of age story with an unlikely heroine, eventually struggling to break the cycle of depression and poverty that runs in her family.  Saddly, this story does not include any details of that change. This story simply tells about her continual struggles and these outweigh any positives so dramatically, it leaves the reader struggling to relate to the characters. This is especially true for the mother who returns to an abusive partner. So although there are often very sad moments, the reader never becomes emotionally invested enough and therefore is left feeling slightly unfufilled. With a tad more variation in emotion, this could have been a fabulous book.

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