The Adoption by Anne Berry

The Adoption is Anne Berry's third novel after The Water Children and The Hungry Ghosts. It is written from the dramatically different perspectives of three women and how their lives are intertwined. The first is Bethan, a teenager during the second world war who falls in love with a German POW working on her parents farm. She falls pregnant towards the end of the conflict but her lover is threatened by her parents until he leaves and she is forced into giving her baby daughter up for adoption. This little girl is then adopted by Harriet, a rather prim and proper lady who after failing to conceive by her husband, decides on adoption. This way she believes she can pick and choose the perfect child in a similar fashion to perusing kittens in a pet shop. The little girl in question is called Lucilla. Taking after her biological mother, Lucilla has a love of animals, the outdoors and is no stranger to mischief and trouble. Which turns out to be exactly everything Harriet never wanted.

This evocative story of lies, secrets and identity contains as many characters that fill you with hope, as knot your stomach with anger. Paired with beautifully poetic prose that draws you right into their world, this novel is a delight to savour. A page turner such as this does depend greatly on the stories outcome, which is also superb. With characters that linger in your mind long after you've stopped reading, The Adoption is one not to be missed.

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