Heart Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne

Heart Shaped Bruise is Tanya Byrnes debut novel aimed at young adults

The book is written in the style of a journal, from a 17 year old girl named Emily Koll. Locked away in a young offenders psychiatric unit, her journal is a mix of venting and confession, her way of overwriting the lies about her told by the press.

"You all think you know who I am. But the one thing Google will never tell you is who I used to be...who I might have become if she hadn't stabbed my father."

Emily Koll's father was a criminal, a London mobster but to her he was just Daddy. Growing up she was completely unaware of the criminal family she was surrounded by. Until the day the her father was stabbed in the back by the daughter of the man he had just killed. Her father survives and is sent to prison, Emily moves to Spain with her Uncle and the girl who committed the stabbing is put into witness protection and given a brand new life.

Emily's life is ruined and the pain she feel soon turns into a need for revenge. Using he families connections she finds the girl she's looking for. Originally called Juliet, she's now now living with a retired policeman and his wife, pretending they're her Aunt and Uncle, calling herself Nancy.

Emily plots her revenge. She's going to get close, she'll befriend Nancy, she'll trust her with all her secrets and be the one personal she can really turn to. Then Emily will slowly and calmly, exact her revenge.

Although this is novel is aimed at younger adults, it really doesn't feel like it to read. At no point do you feel emotions, language or actions are toned down to fit that niche. Being set in a controlled until of girls it will no doubtfully draw comparisons to Girl Interrupted and is just as enjoyable. The main character is witty, damaged but smart and the perfectly paced writing has you so drawn into her logical yet hate fuelled scheme it becomes hard to put down. There are also certain sentences that are just drenched with such fury, they make your toes curl. Such as

"..I'd had enough of flicking matches at her and finally set light to everything she had."

How can you not read the next chapter when one ends like that! Tanya Byrne has penned a truly excellent page turner here, it drew me in from the first page, captured me for the whole story and has left me me wanting more.

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